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p. 2-3 Forword by Klaus Toepfer (pdf)

p. 4-5 Introduction (pdf)

162 Parties to the Basel Convention in October 2004 (map in eps, 1.8 Mb)

What is waste
p. 6-7 A multitude of approaches and definitions (pdf)

Different approaches and overlapping definitions (scheme in eps, 1.5 Mb)

Waste Generation
p. 8-9 How many million tonnes really? (pdf)

Total hazardous and other waste generation as reported by the Parties to the basel Convention in 2001 (map in eps, 907 Kb)
Total hazardous and other waste generation as reported by the Parties to the Basel Convention in 2001 (graph in eps, 399 Kb)

Waste Cycle
p. 10-11 Waste at every stage (pdf)

Waste as a result of car production and what is a car made of ? (graph in eps, 746 Kb)
Waste generation scheme (scheme in eps, 699 Kb)

Waste and Public Health
p. 12-13 What are the danger? (pdf)

Emissions of organic water pollutants (map in eps, 840 Kb)
Soil-polluting activities from selected sources (map in eps, 739 Kb)
Different sources of danger and their impacts to the environment (scheme in eps, 10.2 Mb)
How long does it take for some commonly used products to biodegrade? (graph in eps, 425 Kb)

Waste from Mining
p. 14-15 Our increasing appetite for natural resources (pdf)

Raw materials consumption in the United States (graph in eps, 468 Kb)
Material use (graph in eps, 346 Kb)
Selected raw material consumption in United States and Western Europe (graph in eps, 634 Kb)
Consumption of selected industrial raw materials compared to global population (graph in eps, 420 Kb)
Ability of countries to support their citizens from their own environment (map in eps, 973 Kb)

p 16-17 A threat to natural resources (pdf)

What is the volume you need to move to acces the usefull ore? (graph in eps, 462 Kb)
Mercury (scheme in eps, 1.4 Mb)
Acid Sulfide (scheme in eps, 1.3 Mb)

p. 18-19 The Ok Tedi Case: A pot of Gold (pdf)

Ore production and waste generation at Ok Tedi Mine (graph in eps, 414 kb)

Waste from manufacturing and agriculture
p.20-21 Making products makes waste (pdf)

Most polluting industrial sectors (graph in eps, 213 Kb)
Waste generation from manufacturing (map in eps, 929 Kb)
Typical hazardous wastes (table in eps, 202 Kb)
Agriculture and manufacturing waste generation (graph in eps, 203 Kb)
Pesticides stockpiles in Africa (map in eps, 1.4 Mb)

Municipal waste
p.22-23 Municipal waste on the rise (pdf)

The richer we get, the more we throw (graph in eps, 595 Kb)
Projected trends in municipal waste generation in world's region (graph in eps, 272 Kb)
Evolution of municipal waste main shares (graphs in eps, 221 Kb)
Hong-Kong municipal waste composition (graph in eps, 197 Kb)
Municipal solid waste generation for selected agglomerations in Asia (map in eps, 1.3 Mb)

p. 24-25 You and your trash bin: its guilty secret (pdf)

What's in a swiss rubbish bag? (scheme in eps, 259 Kb)
Municipal solid waste composition for 7 OECD countries and 7 Asian cities (graph in eps, 293 Kb)

Waste Management
p. 26-27 What choices for managing waste? (pdf)

Landfilling and incinerating still leading in Europe (graphs in eps, 236 Kb)
Waste collection (graph in eps, 200 Kb)
Solid waste management cost for selected cities (map in eps, 483 Kb)

p. 28-29 Small is beautiful (pdf)

Packaging production and recycling (graph in eps, 208 Kb)
Recycling rates (graphs in eps, 247 Kb)

Transport and Trade
p. 30-31 Waste on the move (pdf)

Evolution of transboundary movements of waste among parties of the Basel Convention (graph in eps, 732 Kb)
Transboundary movements of waste in 2000 (graph in eps, 350 Kb)
Composition of transboundary waste reported by the Parties in 2000 (graph in eps, 479 Kb)

p. 32-33 Trading waste (pdf)

Export of waste as reported by Australia, in tonnes, 2001 (map in eps, 2.7 Mb)
Import of waste as reported by Australia, in tonnes, 2001 (map in eps, 2.5 Mb)
Export of waste as reported by Germany, in tonnes, 2001 (map in eps, 2.1 Mb)
Import of waste as reported by Germany, in tonnes, 2001 (map in eps, 3 Mb)

Hazardous Waste
p. 34-35 Caution, hazardous waste! (pdf)

Hazardous waste in Georgia (map in eps, 2.4 Mb)
Hazardous waste generation in 2001 as reported by the parties to the Basel Convention
(map in eps, 2.4 Mb)
Global Hazardous waste generation by type as reported by the Parties to the Basel Convention for the years 1993-2000 (graph in eps, 426 Kb)

p. 36-37 The great e-waste recycling swindle (pdf)

Who gets the trash? (map in eps, 1.6 Mb)
What’s in a computer (graph in eps, 338 Kb)
Information and communication technology expenses (map in eps, 649 Kb)
Human Development Index (HDI) in 2002 (map in eps, 675 Kb)
Personal computers per 1 000 people (map in eps, 674 Kb)
Mobile phones per 1 000 people (map in eps, 674 Kb)
Number of personal computers (graph in eps, 203 Kb)

p. 38-39 Breaking more than ships (pdf)

Ship owners and builders (map in eps, 791 Kb)
Ship breaking in Asia (map in eps, 1.8 Mb)

Radioactive Waste
p. 40-41Never without my geiger counter! (pdf)

Radioactive, chemical and biological waste in Central Asia (map in eps, 1.5 Mb)
Volumes and radioactivity in United States (graph in eps, 344 Kb)
Annual world nuclear reactor construction and spent fuel generation (graph in eps, 570 Kb)
Existing radioactive waste disposal and proposed alternatives for storage (scheme in eps, 1.6 Mb)

Climate Change and Waste
p. 42-43 Gas emissions from waste disposal (pdf)

Contribution of various waste management systems to greenhouse gas emissions, 2002 (map in eps, 1.3 Mb)
Contribution from waste to climate change (scheme in eps, 392 Kb)
Emissions due to solid waste disposal on land (graph in eps, 485 Kb)

p. 44-45 The alchemy of waste, turning trash into gold (pdf)

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