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Technology Programme Assistant (SDGs)
Office: A-102
Phone: -

CV: Davide Fornacca studied human geography and specialised in GIS and remote sensing at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, graduating in 2008. After an internship with the Global Resource Information Database of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP-DEWA-GRID) and collaborating with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the field of humanitarian mapping, he left Switzerland for a long bicycle journey that led him to Southeast Asia, where he worked as a volunteer for nature conservation projects (Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Mergui Archipelago Biodiversity Research). In 2013, he started collaborating with the Institute of Eastern-Himalaya Biodiversity Research (IEHBR) based in Dali University, Yunnan, China. This collaboration matured into a PhD project co-directed by the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the University of Geneva and IEHBR. The research aims to understand the impact of forest fires on the natural habitats in Northwestern Yunnan and predict future vulnerabilities under climate and socio-economic change scenarios. He's currently a collaborator within the master of Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability of the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative.

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