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An Interoperable, GIS-oriented, Information and Support System for Water Resources Management


Duration: July 2013 - July 2013

Important objectives of the four-year enviroGRIDS project encompass the improvement of transnational cooperation, the use of state of the art Information and Communication Technologies for data analysis and sharing and the application of environmental models for monitoring present and predicting future states of the environment for the Black Sea region. In such a transnational context, there is a dire need for the environmental sciences to evolve from a simple, local-scale vision toward a complex, multi-user, multilayered holistic approach. BASHYT ( is a Web based, GIS oriented, information and support tool, part of the Black Sea Catchment – Observation System (BSC-OS). It exposes a set of applications for data management, analysis and visualization and a complete server and client side development framework (wiki like) to create Web contents. The core of the portal relies on the hydrological semi distributed SWAT code to model the water cycle and predict the effect of management decisions on water, sediment, nutrient and pesticide yields on large river basins. Furthermore, BASHYT aims at quantifying the interconnectedness between (human and natural) pressures and states of water body receptors at different space and time scales. The aim is to enhance environmental management capacity to assess water resource and to share and process large amounts of key environmental information. Within an experimental and innovative programming environment, modules have been developed to run near real-time applications based on numerical solvers (SWAT is just one example), run pre- and post-processing codes, query and map results through the Web browser. A set of web OGC services and a complete Application Programming Interface (API) are also exposed by the portal. We expect to improve the ways in which land management systems can operate and improve model usability to aid in making management decisions and watershed-scale modeling.

Data credit(s): Pierluigi Cau (Center for Advance Research and Studies in Sardinia), Simone Manca (Center for Advance Research and Studies in Sardinia), Costantino Soru (Center for Advance Research and Studies in Sardinia), Davide Muroni (Center for Advance Research and Studies in Sardinia), Dorian Gorgan (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca), Victor Bacu (Technical University of Cluj -Napoca), Anthony Lehmann (UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva), Nicolas Ray (UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva), Gregory Giuliani (UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva)

GRID unit: Environment Modelling and Geoprocessing

UNEP region: Europe/Black Sea

UNEP priorities:  Ecosystems Management, Resource Efficiency

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