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Nuclear waste: is everything under control? - Special six-page edition


Duration: February 2007 - on-going

50 years after the opening of the world's first civil nuclear power station, very little radioactive waste produced has been permanently disposed of. Moreover, the average age of today’s reactors is approximately 22 years, meaning most of them will be decommissioned over the next decades. All of these wastes will have to be disposed of even if no more nuclear reactors are built. But is it wise to take further advantage of the “nuclear path”, without proven and widely-utilized solutions to the problem of nuclear waste?

Data credit(s): Stephane Kluser (UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva), Pascal Peduzzi (UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva), Andrea De Bono (UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva), Gregory Giuliani (UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva)

GRID unit: Global Change and Vulnerability

UNEP region: Global

UNEP priorities:  Harmful Substances, Disasters and Conflicts, Environmental Governance

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