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Reporting Obligations Database (ROD)

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Project description


Duration: January 2015 - May 2016

The objective of the project is to support UNEP with data collection and entry for its Reporting Obligations Database (ROD) on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA). A MEA is an intergovernmental agreement intended as legally binding related to an environment topic. More than 600 MEA exist, but around 130 are considered as are « active » in the context of this project (i.e. that their reporting obligations are already associated to Contracting Parties and are displayed online). A regional MEA is an MEA whereby membership and thematic scope are limited.

The criteria for entering a MEA in the ROD database are as follows :

- There should be at least one active (non-terminated) reporting obligation toward the MEA Secretariat or other entity;
- Multilateral between States (at least 3 contracting parties);
- Primary focus on an environmental issue
- Must already have entered into force

The activities of the project include:

- Research and information collection on new MEAs to add on the ROD
- Verification of information (e.g. deadlines, links, reporting templates, etc.) on the database and regular update.

The main global MEA Secretariats contacted include CITES, UNFCCC, Basel/Rotterdam/Stockholm Conventions, Ramsar, Convention on Migratory Species, UNCCD, Montreal Protocol, CBD.

UNEP region: Global

UNEP priorities: Environment Under Review

Package Leader: Hy Dao
data credit: Bruno Chatenoux


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