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Duration: December 2011 - November 2014

EcoArm2ERA is an EU/FP-7 Supporting Action aimed at strengthening the cooperation capacities of the Armenian leading research institute in the area of environment protection and monitoring: the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (CENS). The project will reinforce partner strategic ties between CENS and (i) the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin (UCD), and (ii) the Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva (UniGe). Moreover, it will build the competences that are needed by the Armenian researchers and staff members to participate in the EU/FP-7 and upcoming FP-8. Last but not least, the project will define and implement a sustainable development strategy for CENS, focusing on the overall improvement of the institution’s capacities, visibility and competitiveness.

UNEP priorities: Ecosystems Management , Environmental Governance

GRID unit: Environment Modelling and Geoprocessing

project member: Yaniss Guigoz
project member: Karin Allenbach

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