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GEO Data Coordination

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Duration: January 2010 - December 2011

As part of the data-to-information chain of support to the GEO and related integrated and thematic assessment processes, DEWA/GRID-Geneva has been given the task of coordinating the use of core data and indicators and operating a global data support service through the global GEO Data Portal and supporting regional Data Portals.  Active participation in the GEO process assures identification of data needs and use of available data and indicators in GEO and related assessment reports. External coordination is achieved through constructive participation in international and interagency networks and mechanisms, including the Inter-secretariat Working Group on Environment Statistics (IWG-Env), the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA), the OECD Working Group on Environmental Information and Outlooks (WGEIO) and the joint UNSD/UNEP Environmental Questionnaire (in turn coordinated with the OECD/Eurostat Joint Questionnaire), the Inter-Agency Expert Group on MDG Indicators (IAEG), as well as the Undata initiative.   
Guidance and support is also given to the development of region-specific GEO Data Portals, which aim to capture more detailed, higher quality and/or up-to-data data from within the region, in support of (sub)regional GEO-related reporting activities. The support takes the form of providing standards for data coding, meta-data handling and database protocols, allowing the efficient and harmonized development of a set (‘family’) of compatible global and regional GEO Data Portals.

UNEP region: Global

UNEP priorities: Climate Change , Ecosystems Management , Harmful Substances , Resource Efficiency , Disasters and Conflicts , Environmental Governance

GRID unit: Global and regonal reporting (GEO)

project member: Andrea De Bono
project member: Stefan Schwarzer

Project partner institution(s): University of Geneva


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