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Assessing Climatic Change and impacts on the Quantity and quality of Water (ACQWA) EU/FP7 project

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Project description


Duration: August 2008 - September 2013

The complexity inherent to the chain of processes involved from climatic, to cryospheric and hydrologic models, all of them impacting on different compartments of human and natural systems, all this through different scenarios and across several regions, as described in the other project WPs, justifies the definition of a well organized data warehouse for the ACQWA project. Based on the long experience in managing data and metadata through the Internet from many international programs, developed by GRID-Geneva as part of the Division of Early Warnings of UNEP, the ACQWA Spatial Data Infrastructure (ACQWA-SDI) will:
• define standards of data exchange formats and needs among partners using existing international standards such as ISO19115 for metadata of geographic data;
• help with data transformation between groups;
• store data and metadata in a PostgreSQL relational database and postGIS database;
 • gather and distribute data (geographic layers, remote sensing images, climatic and hydrological time series,…) through an Internet GIS MapServer (ACQWA IMS);
• visualize outputs from different scenarios on different impacts (ACQWA IMS);
• communicate results of the project through maps (ACQWA IMS).

UNEP priorities: Climate Change , Ecosystems Management , Disasters and Conflicts

GRID unit: Environment Modelling and Geoprocessing

project leader: Pascal Peduzzi
project member: Gregory Giuliani

Project partner institution(s): University of Geneva


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