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Transboundary Water Assessment Programme - Data and Information Management (TWAP/DIM.)

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Duration: January 2013 - December 2015

TWAP: The water systems of the world - aquifers, lakes, rivers, large marine ecosystems, and open ocean - support the socioeconomic development and wellbeing of the world’s population. Many of these systems are shared by two or more nations and these transboundary resources are interlinked by a complex web of environmental, political, economic and security interdependencies. The Global Environment Facility International Waters focal area is enabling the Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme (GEF TWAP) to provide the first global-scale assessment and improve knowledge for informed decision-making, raise awareness and foster cooperation among all stakeholders. The long-term goal of the Transboundary Waters Assessment Project (TWAP) is to promote real investment in management of transboundary water systems through strong stakeholder engagement. The TWAP Data Portal,which is developed by UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva will be an important tool for reaching this goal. The TWAP Data Portal is a dedicated platform for integrating data from various sources and providing a tool for visualising the main TWAP assessment results. This platform allows to easily share geographically referenced thematic information between different organizations. The TWAP Data Portal is based on GeoNetwork technology.

UNEP priorities: Ecosystems Management , Resource Efficiency , Environmental Governance

GRID unit: Global and regonal reporting (GEO)

project member: Pierre Lacroix
project member: Andrea De Bono

Project partner institution(s): United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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