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Many people want to live in cities – but they should remember as they pass through the city gates that, inside, the reality is often squalor, violent crime, dingy high-rise blocks of flats and open sewers.

World population grows at 215,000 a day. In 1999, we reached six billion people. By 2050, there will be many billions more. We’d need to build a city the size of Lima (Peru) every 20 days to house them. Instead, we will expand and merge existing cities, creating mega-cities. Mexico City has grown from 12 to 18 million in 30 years. Jakarta grew 8 million in just 15 years. China’s urban population grew from 192 million to 375 million in 16 years. Cities seem destined to just go on growing and growing!
Benedetta Rossi, Italy
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Picture: Meana Paula, Argentina

There’s not a market where we can buy another planet!
Ana Gabriela de Luna, Mexico

The City

The city is a place full of poetry Filled with eyes and ears The eyes are each one of The tiny lights in this city. Ears are all the walls that keep all secrets Not to let them out, but Save them and add beauty To the walls, full of culture, Full of stories on the life of those Who live inside them. The city also has angels hidden We can see them Their mission is to give Spirit and soul To the buildings which are old.

City is a word that has a meaning In each letter.
C is for Culture
I is for Imagination
T is for Talking and
Y is for You
Because You make the city Shine and be alive.
Cecilia Farfan, Mexico


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