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Children are often the driving force behind eco-friendly living. Trouble is, as teenagers, they are the targets of massive advertising campaigns that urge them to consume voraciously and drop their eco-friendly ideals.

Things you can do to protect the environment every day, wherever you are!
  • Don’t leave your rubbish lying around.
  • Support conservation campaigns eg: Adbusters, No shopping days, Trash free lunches, Greenpeace...
  • Get your family and school thinking about environment issues daily!
  • Start a Pachamama Club – or horticultural, bird, hiking or nature club.
  • Get traffic out of residential areas!
  • Do environmental assemblies at your school. Celebrate Earth Day (22nd April) and World Environment Day (5th June)
  • Plant trees – care for and nurture them
  • Get your community to encourage recycling of all their waste
  • Promote anti-pollution awareness: demand car-free days
  • Create a garden! Grow fruits and vegetables. Reward yourself with nature’s riches every day!

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Foundation for Global Peace and the Environment, Japan

Plant a tree for every happy moment. Recycle paper for every feeling you wrote. Take care of endangered animals for everyone you love.
Monica Edward, Monica Ortega & Roxana Nevorrez, Mexico

Peace Child is a youth-led organisation of some 500 youth eco-groups in 120 countries. Its goal is to enable young people to communicate vital global issues to each other and to adults. Set up in 1981, it used the platform of a musical play to allow young people to communicate powerfully their fears about the threat of nuclear war.
Environment and sustainability issues are now the focus. Peace Child uses the platform of books, educational materials, newsletters and conferences to enable young people around the world to work together to communicate their feelings on these issues to adults and government officials.
They created Rescue Mission – a children’s Agenda 21. On its success and royalties, young people designed and built a residential Sustainable Development Training Centre where young people from all over the world run the office and manage projects like this one. Similar centres are now being set up in Ghana, Guyana and Senegal. Come and join us!
For information, contact: www.oneworld.org/peacechild

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