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Kruti Parekh, 13, from India promotes environmental awareness through her magic show which she has performed 1700 times. In it, she eats waste paper and produces an endless sheet of recycled paper from her mouth. She also promotes worms! Yes, worms – the great unsung heroes of the eco-movement. Put them in any bin of compostable rubbish and they will break it down into rich fertiliser in days. Kruti calls it “The 2 in 1 process – waste disposal and fertiliser manufacture all in one!
fax: + 91 22 369 8457

Grupo Sawite from Lima, Peru find their beaches a haven for dumping garbage and waste. The Grupo volunteers clean the beaches and educate their community about the effects of pollution on marine life and human health.

Right Angle Productions (RAP) uses video to enable young people to voice their concerns. RAP workshops teach young people how to use the video camera. RAP uses video to link young people from England with a village in Zimbabwe, through music, workshops and discussions of human rights, environment etc. RAP will soon have a website to allow the world to watch them actively doing things to save the planet.
RAP, Union Street Centre, Union St. OXFORD OX4 1LJ, UK

The new South Africa cares for its environment and actively involves young people! The Wilger Veld Youth Club has organised community clean-ups in several townships afflicted by poverty and a lack of facilities. In one, Tamboville, a community food garden was started and now they all have fresh produce. Through raising awareness, people now put rubbish in bins and wetland birds are returning.
e-mail: merns-kf@acaleph.vista.ac.za

Students of Apeejay School in India got fed up with the air pollution caused by cars. Air pollution causes chronic lung disease in 12% of Indian children. One morning, a group of high school students stood at a busy intersection in South Delhi and flagged down vehicles to check pollution control certificates. Those who had one got a handwritten thank you note. Those who did not were politely directed to a testing centre or faced a fine the next day.

Imagine cooking for the rest of your life for free! Never collecting fire wood, never paying a fuel bill. Solar box cookers offer this. A group of Finns from a school in Helsinki have set up a link with schools in Namibia to introduce them to solar cookers. Every year, they take cookers designed by the best Finnish solar engineers to Namibia and show local Namibian young people how to make and use them themselves.
Contact: Monika Sandell, fax: + 358 9 1480 2498

A group of students in California felt that, if their teachers would not teach them about environmental issues, they should do it themselves. So they trained themselves and then toured their region doing trainings and seminars on environmental issues. Each summer, they do a Youth Jam where they bring together youth environmental leaders to discuss strategies and make new plans.
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