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The Future

What does the future hold for us?
Smog filled skies and poison cars
And broken land with useless dust
And Nature's beauty behind bars.

Can I ever show my children
(If they ever come my way)
The beauty of a sunset
At the ending of the day?

Can I walk into a forest
And surround myself with trees
Yet know that it will remain
For me to visit as I please?

Can I sit upon the seashore
And breathe in salty air,
Or will it be so dirty
That it is unsafe to be there?

I know that I can today
Do all the things I've said
But when today is yesterday
Will all these things be dead?

This problem is enormous
As we gradually take heed,
So we must fix it quickly,
Using words and thoughts and deeds.

Write a letter, start a group
Or do something that seems small
For whatever is done to aid the Earth
Is fantastic for us all.

If we save what's there before us
So it'll be there when we go,
Then we'll leave a gift more precious
Than our kids will ever know.

Andrew Hobbs, Australia

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