Table 3.3. Governmental Environment Institutions and Agencies in West Asia

Country/Territory Policy Institutions Executive Agency
Bahrain Environmental Protection Commission Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Environment
Iraq National Council for the Protection and Improvement of Environment Ministry of Health
Jordan Council of Ministers; Ministry of Municipalities Rural Affairs and Environment General Corporation for Environmental Protection
Kuwait Environmental Protection Council Various Ministries
Lebanon Ministry of Environment Various Ministries
Oman Council of Ministers Ministry of Provisional Municipalities and Environment
Qatar Council of Ministers (Permanent Commission for Environmental Protection) Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture
Saudi Arabia Ministerial Committee on Environment Meteorology and Environmental Protection Administration
Syrian Arab Republic Minister of State for Environmental Affairs General Authority for Environmental Affairs
United Arab Emirates Council of the Federation Federal Environmental Agency
West Bank & Gaza Strip Council of Ministers Ministry of Agriculture
Yemen Council of Ministers Environmental Protection Council

Compiled and provided by the ESCWA Secretariat. 1996. Based on national sources.