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Chapter 1: The Global Environment Outlook Process

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Overview of Remaining Chapters

Chapter 2. Regional Perspectives

Chapter 2 looks at existing key regional State of the Environment reports, action plans, and sectoral reports. It provides a global synthesis of the primary regional environmental problems, the driving forces behind them, and emerging concerns. The issues are analysed against a background of existing development patterns and objectives, operating policies, practices, and institutions.

Inevitably, there are gaps and incompatibilities of data sets and reporting techniques between regions, as each report has a different concept, content, and depth. It is, however, through such a systematic analysis of regional reports that further harmonization of reporting can be achieved, leading to a comprehensive global overview based on regional realities.

Chapter 3. Policy Responses and Directions

This chapter takes the first step in forging the link between assessment and policy. It presents the outcome of regional policy and assessment consultations conducted as part of the GEO Project. The discussions involved policy and sectoral experts using scientific inputs from the Collaborating Centres and the draft GEO-1 chapters as background material. (See Appendix 3.)

Chapter 4. Looking to the Future

This chapter explores the future to the year 2015 and beyond using a model-based approach, assuming that no major policy or institutional changes will take place. For a selected number of topics, it attempts quantitative analyses of changes in environmental and socio-economic factors and their interlinkages. It bases the analyses on contemporary situations and trends as well as on data from the past. The possible future impacts on the environment of current development processes are highlighted. A brief example is given of changes in the future if different policies or life-styles were to be applied.

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