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GEO: Global Environment Outlook 3
Past, present and future perspectives
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Global Environment Outlook 3
User Survey

Dear GEO User:

We are continually striving to improve the GEO reports and associated products, and we highly value your opinion. If you complete and return this user survey for the GEO-3 report, we will send you a FREE copy of the GEO-4 Overview Booklet, to be published in 2004.

We greatly appreciate your participation.

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About GEO-3

1. Which version of GEO-3 do you use the most?
Hardcopy of the report

2. How do you rate GEO-3?
Excellent Good Adequate Poor No opinion
Complete report
Chapter 1: Integrating Environment and Development, 1972-2002
Chapter 2: State of the Environment & Policy Retrospective, 1972-2002
Chapter 3: Human Vulnerability to Environmental Change
Chapter 4: Outlook : 2002-2032
Chapter 5: Options for Action

3. How do you rate the following attributes of GEO-3?
Excellent Good Adequate Poor No opinion
Technical information
Coverage of key issues
Being up-to-date
Rigor of analysis
Use of data, graphics, maps and photos
Other -- please specify:

4. What do you find most useful about GEO-3 (please check one only)
30 year overview in Chapter 1
Integrated Pressure-State-Impact-Response (PSIR) approach in Chapter 2
Insights on Human Vulnerability to Environmental Change in Chapter 3
Scenarios of the future in Chapter 4
Recommendations in Chapter 5
Global and regional coverage
Thematic coverage
Data and graphics
References to data and information sources
Other -- please specify:

5. In your opinion, is GEO-3 a significant policy relevant document that could stimulate sustainable policy actions at various levels?
Not sure

6. Please give us your comments or explanations to any of the above answers, including what you would like to see in future GEO reports?

About You

*To receive the free copy of the GEO-4 Overview Booklet, to be published in 2004, please fill out your contact information.

7. Title and name
8. Organization
9. Address
10. Email address

11. How would you describe your organization:
Government department
Development organization (multilateral or bilateral)
Non-governmental, civil society or similar organization
Academic or Research institution
Education (primary or secondary level)
The private sector
The Press or Media
Library or similar information repository
Other -- please specify:

12. How would you describe your position:
Senior level decision-maker
Senior level manager/advisor
Middle level manager/advisor
Junior level manager
Academic or researcher (tertiary level)
Technical specialist
University/college student
Journalist or Media
Other -- please specify:

13. Have you used the GEO-2000 report?

14. If Yes to the above, please explain how GEO-3 compares to GEO-2000?

15. Have you used the GEO-1 report?

16. Would you be willing to participate in future surveys?

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Thank you!