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The data file "WDBTEMP4.E00" is based on the "PC World Data Base" product from ESRI (April 1990), having been significantly modified and enhanced at GRID-Geneva. Among changes made are the following:

- The "internal" boundaries of former Yugoslavia have been digitized, and the following states have been added: Bosnia-Hercegovina (BS), Croatia (CR) and Slovenia (SS);

- The "internal" boundary for Czechoslovakia has been added, but national entities have not yet been named pending further clarification of the situation there;

- The fifteen independent republics of the former USSR (now, the Commonwealth of Independent States or C.I.S.) are upgraded to national status, and have proper country names applied;

- The boundary between the former East and West Germanies has been removed to form a single country, the Federal Republic of Germany;

- A large number of additional geographic entities have been added through digitization, and/or have had names applied where none were available. Also, name changes have been made for countries such as 'Burkina' to 'Burkina Faso', 'Burma' to 'Myanmar', etc.

The data file contains countries as polygons, coastlines, and major lakes and islands. At this time there are no rivers included; they might be added as a separate layer in the next version of this data set.

Both a polygon attribute table (PAT) and an arc attribute table (AAT) exist to define the countries in the coverage "WDBTEMP4". These tables are summarized in the following outlines of their contents.


Variable Columns Defined Item Name Item Definition ________ _______ _________________ _______________

Area 01-04 AREA 4,12,F,3 Perimeter 05-08 PERIMETER 4,12,F,3 Country # 09-12 COVER# 4,5,B,0 Country-ID 13-16 COVER-ID 4,5,B,0 Country Code 17-20 COUNTRY 4,4,C Land-Water Code 21 FEATURE 1,1,I Country Name 22-61 NAME 40,40,C Region 62 REGION 1,1,C


Variable Columns Defined Item Name Item Definition ________ _______ _________________ _______________

01-04 FNODE# 4,5,B,0 05-08 TNODE# 4,5,B,0 09-12 LPOLY# 4,5,B,0 13-16 RPOLY# 4,5,B,0 Length of arc 17-20 LENGTH 4,12,F,3 Country # 21-24 COVER# 4,5,B,0 Feature ID 25-28 COVER-ID 4,5,B,0 Boundary Type 29 RANK 2,2,I

Data Classification of PAT

COUNTRY - This item contains selected World Boundary Databank-II (WBDb-II) country code designations (see attached list).

FEATURE - This item indicates a land, ocean or inland waterbody polygon (0 = Ocean, 1 = Land, 9 = Inland waterbody).

REGION - This item contains codes dividing the world into 7 regions. (A = Asia, E = Europe, F = Africa, N = North America, S = South America, T = Antarctic Area, U = Australian Area)

Data Classification of AAT

RANK - This item contains selected WBDb-II rank codes as below:

0 - global polygon (-180 W., -90 S., 180 E., 90 N. degrees) 1 - Coastlines, Islands and Lakes 4 - International boundaries; generally accepted 5 - International boundaries; indefinite or in dispute 10 - New political boundaries added in version 1 (WDBTEMP1) 11 - New political boundaries added in version 2 (WDBTEMP2) 12 - New political boundaries added in version 3 (WDBTEMP3)

The INFO look-up table which contained country names in the original ESRI version has been included within the Data Classification PAT, as separate item 'NAME' up to 40 characters in length, to simplify using these names. The projection for this data set remains the same; that is, ARC/INFO's Geographic, and coordinates are in latitude/longitude decimal degrees. There are a total number of 2801 arcs and 1047 polygons in the data set.

Those users who are supplied with the data on six-inch magnetic tape will find a single ARC/INFO 'EXPORT' file, "WDBTEMP4.E00" to manipulate. When the data are supplied on 3.5" diskettes, users will find a total of four diskettes and files ("WDBTEMP4.E00, .E01, .E02 and .E03") to manipulate. The data can be 'IMPORTed' using the ARC/INFO command of this name to recreate a directory structure and for further manipulation, overlay etc.

When a tape is delivered, it will first have to be 'TAPEREAD' using the ARC/INFO command of this name before the 'IMPORT' can be carried out. The tape will normally have been explicitly mounted with a density of 6250 bpi, with a blocksize of 8000 and a recordsize (record length) of 80, which yields a blocking factor of 100.

UNEP and GRID wish to express to the users of this product "WDBTEMP4" that we take final responsibility for neither the placement of boundaries in this data set, nor for the place names used, but that they reflect the best available sources of information available to UNEP/GRID at this time.

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