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The pan-European Settlements data set shows the location of well over 3000 cities on the European continent and includes information on certain characteristics of those cities. The data were collected by the Eurostat office of the EC on the basis of national censuses and various other sources. Generally speaking, all settlements having more than 20.000 inhabitants have been included. In some countries, smaller towns also are incorporated. For almost 300 settlements no population figures could be given. Caution should be exercised when using the population figures, because the definition of 'settlement' can differ from country to country. If available, data on the morphological agglomeration or built-up area have been incorporated. In many cases, however, data are only available for administrative areas, which can be either larger or smaller but almost never coincide with the built-up area of a city. Comparison between countries is also difficult because small discrepancies may result from differences in the census year and in the definition of the surveyed 'resident population'.

The Arc/Info point coverage provided to GRID by Eurostat is in the Lambert Azimuthal projection, which is the EC standard projection. GRID has re-projected the coverage to fit the Latitude/Longitude co- ordinate system. Furthermore, GRID has checked and edited the coverage, while data supplied by Eurostat for population size, names and surface areas have been added to assure greater consistency within the data.

The resulting pan-European Settlements data set contains 3310 cities as points and includes attribute data for the name, area and population size for most of them. In Arc/Info uncompressed 'EXPORT' format, the coverage comprises 847 Kb of data. The coverage is called STEUGLL and can be read from tape to disk using Arc/Info's TAPEREAD command, and subsequently be imported into Arc/Info using the command:


The data set extends geographically from -25 40' 1" West to 158 39' 0" East longitude and from 27 55' 1" to 69 40' 59" North latitude. The coverage is also available in the original Lambert Azimuthal projection.

The source for the pan-European Settlements data set is: Commission of the European Communities, Eurostat - GISCO, Luxembourg. Reference to the data set is: The CORINE Database Manual; Directorate General for the Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection, Commission of the European Communities, Version 2.2, Brussels, November 1989.

The Arc/Info attributes are explained below:

STEUGLL.PAT ----------- Item: Description: Values:

STSICDEU Settlement Site Code Europe STSINM Settlement Site Name STSIAR Settlement Site Area in km2 STPUNR Settlement Population Number No. of inhabitants ARRGCD Administrative Region Code see list NURGCD NUTS Region Code see list X-COORD X-coordinate of location Long. dec. degrees Y-COORD Y-coordinate of location Lat. dec. degrees

(Redefined Item:) ARRGCD0 Admin. Region Code Level 0 ISO country code