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This data set consists of a series of filled (solid) polygons showing the internal (administrative) boundaries of Kenya down to the level of individual provinces, including lakes and islands as separate polygons. These were digitized from a Kenya map of 1984 from Bartholomew and Son Ltd., originally in the ARC/INFO software format as vector data, which was then converted to 30-second raster pixels in ELAS software format on a Perkin-Elmer computer. A list of the administrative classes is found below; there are a total of 42, but four of these are not used.

The Administrative Boundaries of Kenya data file consists of 1116 rows (lines) by 962 columns (elements/pixels/samples) of data, and one byte or eight bits per pixel. Its origin is at 5 degrees, 1 minute and 12 seconds North latitude and 33 degrees, 54 minutes and 25 seconds East longitude; and it extends to -4 degrees, 40 minutes and 23 seconds South latitude and 41 degrees, 54 minutes and 50 seconds East longitude. At 925 meters (30 seconds of latitude/longitude) spatial resolution, the Kenya Admininstrative Boundaries data file comprises 1.1 Megabytes (Mb).

The source of the Kenya Administrative Boundaries data file should be mentioned as UNEP/GRID (1986), after Bartholomew and Son Ltd., 1984.

Class # Province or Geographic Area Name "KENYA_09.IAX1" ------- --------------------------------

1 Rift Valley Province 2 Lake Turkana (Rift Valley Province) 3 not used 4 Lake Turkana (Eastern Province) 5 Eastern Province 6 Northeastern Province 7 Central Island (Rift Valley Province) 8 Central Island (Eastern Province) 9 South Island (Eastern Province) 10 Lake Logipi (Rift Valley Province) 11 Western Province 12 Lake Baringo (Rift Valley Province) 13 Lake Baringo; island in (R. V. Province) 14 Lake Bogoria (Rift Valley Province) 15 Lake Victoria (Western Province) 16 Nyanza Province 17 not used 18 Lake Kanyaboli (Nyanza Province) 19 Coastal Province 20 Central Province 21 Lake Victoria (Nyanza Province) 22 Lake Victoria; island in (Nyanza Province) 23 Lake Nakuru (Rift Valley Province) 24 Lake Elmenteita (Rift Valley Province) 25 Lake Victoria; island in (Nyanza Province) 26 Lake Victoria; island in (Nyanza Province) 27 Lake Naivasha (Rift Valley Province) 28 Unnamed lake (Eastern Province) 29 Masinga Reservoir (Eastern Province) 30 Nairobi Province 31 not used 32 not used 33 Lake Magadi (Rift Valley Province) 34 Pate Island (Coastal Province) 35 Island next to Pate Island (Coastal Province) 36 Lamu Island (Coastal Province) 37 Manda Island (Coastal Province) 38 Lake Amboseli (Rift Valley Province) 39 Lake Jipe (Coastal Province) 40 Mombasa Island (Coastal Province) 41 Funzi Island (Coastal Province) 42 Shimoni Island (Coastal Province)