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Novi Sad - Pancevo - Bor - Kragujevac

The project proposals can be downloaded in PDF format.
Novi Sad
Groundwater contamination (on site)
Groundwater contamination (off site)
Soil contamination
Leaking oil sewerage system

Novi Sad Set of Proposals (PDF)

Petrochemical Plant
EDC-contamination (soil and groundwater)
Groundwater contamination (on site)
Mercury contamination (soil and groundwater)
Wastewater treatment
Possible leakage from sludge dump with toxic waste
Soil contamination
Groundwater contamination (on soil)
Ponded oil and oil derivatives at the soil surface
Wastewater pre-treatment and leaking sewerage system
Wastewater canal
Highly contaminated canal, open to the Danube
Groundwater contamination
Risk for contamination of potable water supply )

Pancevo Set of Proposals (PDF)

Remedial actions concerning the PCB and dioxin contamination at the transformer station (PDF)
PCB-contaminated floor in the paint hall (PDF)
PCB-contaminated water in pits in the paint hall (PDF)
PCB-leakage to river Lepenica and agricultural fields (PDF)
PCB-contaminated floor at the power station (PDF)
PCB/dioxine wastes (PDF)

Kragujevac Set of Proposals (PDF)

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