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BTF Technical Assessment Mission (18-27 July)

Two teams of international experts from BTF visited in FRY the worst damaged industrial sites resulting from the Balkans conflict. This first full BTF mission to the region, is one part of an independent scientific and technical assessment of the environmental and human settlements impact of the Balkans conflict.

The team of 12 scientists arrived in Belgrade 18 July and visited the Pancevo (fertilizer plant, petrochemical factory and oil refinery), Novi-Sad (oil refinery), Kragujevac (Zastava car factory), Nis (transformer station), Bor (copper factory), Kraljevo (fuel depots), Prahavo and Pristina, Kosovo. Two mobile laboratories (from Denmark and Germany) travelled with the group.

Looking for toxic compounds such as dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), the scientists took extensive soil and ground-water samples. These were sent to independent laboratories for detailed analysis. In addition, investigation into possible earlier pollution incidents and the gathering of relevant data such as maps, air pollution records and amounts of existing hazardous wastes is helping the BTF to build up a picture of the state of the environment before the conflict. Such detailed knowledge is a necessary prerequisite for making a credible assessment of the current environmental situation.

Furthermore, in many of the towns visited, "stake-holder" information-sharing meetings were held with members of the local community including council officials, the general public, and representatives from public health institutes and non-governmental organizations.

Visited Sites (click on point symbols to see pictures)

Kragujevac - Zastava Car Factory
Nis - Transformer Station
Novi Sad - Oil Refinery
Novi Sad - Oil Refinery - LPG storage
Novi Sad - Oil Refinery - Soil sampling
Novi Sad - Oil Refinery - Water and sediment sampling
Novi Sad - Oil Refinery - Danish mobile laboratory
Novi Beograd - Heating Plant
Pancevo - Petrochemical Plant
Pancevo - Petrochemical plant - Soil sampling
Pancevo - Petrochemical plant - German mobile laboratory
Pancevo - Fertilizer Plant
Pancevo - Canal collecting wastewater

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