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Several missions were organised in the Balkans since late May:

Inter-Agencies Mission Assessment to FRY

UNEP and UNCHS participated in the United Nations Inter-Agency Needs Assessment Mission to Serbia and Kosovo from 16 to 27 May. (Report - Part I (PDF) & Part II (PDF)

BTF Mission to FRY

Pekka Haavisto, Chairman, and two other members of the BTF team visited Serbia and Montenegro from 17 to 21 June, and met with government representatives, local authorities and NGOs (press release).

Human Settlements Mission to Kosovo and FYROM

The coordinator of Habitat's Disaster Management Programme, Jorge Gavidia, went on mission to Skopje and Pristina from 22 June to 3 July, where he started working in collaboration with the wider UN humanitarian team (press release).

BTF Mission to Kosovo

BTF chairman Pekka Haavisto and Vladimir Sakharov went on mission to Kosovo and FYROM from 30 June to 2 July. In Pristina, the BTF team met with UNMIK and commanders from KFOR.

BTF Technical Assessment Missions to FRY

Three teams of international experts from BTF travelled to Serbia and Kosovo in July to begin work on an independent assessment of the environmental and human settlements impacts of the Balkans conflict (press release).
A fourth team travelled to FRY in August to assess the environmental impact of the Balkans conflict on the Danube River (press release).
A last team visited FRY in September to assess the environmental impact of the Balkans conflict on the region Biodiversity (press release).

Team A+B

The first two groups conducted an environmental assessment of the worst damaged industrial sites, primarily in Serbia (18-27 July).

Team C

The BTF Habitat-experts on human settlements have been active in Kosovo since 20 July. The team is preparing concrete proposals on property and municipal administration projects  (press release).

Team D

A team of experts worked in FRY from 21 to 28 August to assess the environmental impacts of the conflict on the Danube River (Press Release).

Team E

A BTF team visited FRY from 6 to 13 September to assess the possible consequences of the conflict for the biodiversity in protected areas in the region  (Press Release).

BTF DU Desk Assessment Group

An inter-agency "Desk Assessment Group", involving UNEP, WHO, IAA and the Swedish Radiation Institute has been looking into the issue of the use of depleted uranium in the conflict. (PDF)

Industrial Sites Mission (PDF)
Danube Mission (PDF)
Biodiversity Mission (PDF)
DU Desk Assessment (PDF)
Habitat Mission (PDF)

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