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The Balkans Task Force created this page for comments and questions concerning its work. These can be sent to the BTF information officer.


7 November 1999 - Dr. Zorka Vukmirovic  

My principal remark is related to missing description of the methodologies applied to obtain the relevant data. Besides that, only upper limits of some contamination levels are illustrated. FOCUS has presented the measured values in detail in the corresponding reports. The report without the scientific support gives an impression of a targeted result and consequently all investigations were fitted in with it. The basic principle of the scientific approach to any problem to be resolved is an assessment pro and contra facts. In this sense, the appearance of other documents on UNEP web site is a sign of open discussion. However, the final BTF report is depleted by the crucial approvals for recommendations and conclusions being presented. Looking forward to seeing the open site for comments and questions concerning the BTF report.


Prof. Dr. Zorka Vukmirovic
Environmental Studies
Alternative Academic Educational Network (AAEN)
Masarikova 5/XVI
11000 Belgrade

BTF Reply to Dr. Vukmirovic  

Dr. Vukmirovic,

Thank you for your message. Throughout the BTF process we have laid a lot of emphasis on tranparency and openess regarding our working methods and information. Our Web-pages have been rather frequently used by number of organisations and experts. We have specially appreciated receiving expert comments and contributions - like yours.

Like promised, we have established a comment-page for questions on the homepage.

During the BTF process there was more than 26 scientific and expert organisations directly involved from 19 countries. Working methods and scientific methodologies were chosen according to the best available knowledge considering the time pressure and resources in use. Unfortunately, the more detailed mission reports, which include the more scientific approach as well as sample analyses (measured values and analyse methods), are not yet on the web. The publishing of these reports is only a matter of days. I will see that you receive the information when the reports are out.

As far as the results are concerned, both the FOCUS as well as the WWF mission have actually confirmed that their results are in line with the BTF results and findings. During the work we co-operated with both organisations and exchanged information.

Hope you will find the information you need from these documents. If you will have any further questions I would be more than happy to answer.

Best Regards,

Pasi Rinne
Senior Advisor to the Chairman

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