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The Xinhua News Agency, AUGUST 13, 1999

Copyright 1999 Xinhua News Agency

U.N. begins examining depleted uranium in Yugoslavia

Several United Nations agencies have been engaged in examining depleted uranium in yugoslavia, a u.n. spokesman announced friday. They include the United Nations environment program (UNEP), the world health organization (WHO) and the international atomic energy agency (IAEA). The work began on august 3, spokesman fred eckhard said. "This relates to the uranium-tipped bombs dropped by nato," he said. The kind of bombs were dropped during the 78-day air-strikes by U.S. and british-led forces of the north atlantic treaty organization (NATO). Yugoslavia said the long-term effective weapons began to take toll on yugoslav people. Eckhard said the group is collecting information from a variety of sources and a review meeting will take place in geneva on September 1 to decide on whether to send a full-scale assessment mission to the region to examine the issue of depleted uranium in greater detail.

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