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22 March

BBC - Nato reveals Kosovo depleted uranium use.

Reuters - Uranium Shells No Hazard in Kosovo - Pentagon.

Reuters - NATO admits it used depleted uranium in Kosovo.

21 March

ENN - NATO admits it used depleted uranium in Kosovo.

21 February

Reuters - FOCUS - Cyanide spill among worst river pollutions.

16 February

ENS - Cyanide Spill Propels Demand for Eco-Emergency Force.

15 February

Herald Tribune - Little Cyanide Peril Is Seen for Danube.

ENS - UN Scientists Sample Danube for Cyanide.

8 February

ENS - UN Confronts Contamination from NATO Bombing of Serbia.


14 December

Reuters - UN urges clean-up of polluted hot spots in Balkans.

1 December

ITAR-TASS - West policy to Serbia undermines stability in Balkans.

11 November

IPS - CONFLICT-ENVIRONMENT: Questions Over Accountability in Kosovo.

3 November

Chemical Week - UN Finds Yugoslav Pollution Hotspots.


Discover -The Soils of War.

Earth Islands Journal - What NATO's bombs did to the environment.

30 October

Financial Times - ENVIRONMENT: Ecumenical Patriarch takes up the cause.

27 October

LA Times - U.N. Urges Cleanup of 'Hot Spots' Left by Kosovo War.

The Guardian - Danube study questions warfare that bombs polluting targets.

26 October

Reuters - NATO Chief: Milosevic, Not Wreckage, Blocks Danube.

24 October

NY Times - Belgrade Balks at Removal of War Debris That Clogs the Danube.

23 October

The Guardian - Children injured by Nato bomb.

20 October

E Magazine - Kosovo's Wounded Environment.

The Guardian - Nato bomb damage threatens Danube.

17 October

The Baltimore Sun - Long-term result of NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia is devastating pollution.

16 October

The Independent - Nato obstructs UN inquiry into depleted uranium.

15 October

Fin. Times - KOSOVO: Nato 'hindered' inquiry.

NZZ - Keine Umweltkatastrophe auf dem Balkan. Die Unep meldet gefährliche Verschmutzung in vier Zonen.

Reuters - UN calls for Kosovo clean-up to save River Danube.

14 October

Phil. Inquirer - Yugoslavia is afloat in 'war waste'. A U.N. report is likely to say industrial cities incurred the worst contamination from NATO's bombing.

BBC - Sci/Tech - Balkans environment 'seriously damaged'.

ENS - UN Pinpoints Four Polluted Balkan Hot-Spots.

UN Wire - BALKANS: UN Report Recommends Cleanup Of 'Hot Spots'.

Dagbladet - Kosovo ingen miljøkatastrofe.

Nettavisen - Nato tier om miljøgift.

P4 Radio - Store miljøproblemer etter krigen.

Reuters - NATO bombing damaged environment - Serbian experts.

13 October

ENS - Norway Makes Clean, Green Macedonia Possible.

4 October

The Independent - Exposed: The deadly legacy of Nato strikes in Kosovo.

The Independent - I'd like to believe Nato that depleted uranium is harmless. But I don't. And this is why...

23 September

ENN - Kosovo Q&A: The environmental cleanup.

17 September

ENS - KFOR Admits Dumping Explosives in Macedonian Lake.

AFP - Danube countries bid to settle differences to clean up river.

16 September

The Scotsman - Dalyell questions Serbia bombing.

The Scotsman - Wanton destruction that solved nothing.

15 September

EarthVision - WWF Warns of Spreading Toxic Contamination in Yugoslavia.

M2 Presswire - WWF: WWF analysis shows toxic contamination in Yugoslavia is spreading.

14 September

CNN - U.N. identifies Yugoslav post-bombing 'hot-spots'.

EarthVision - UN Team Identifies Environmental Hotspots in Yugoslavia.

Reuters - U.N. Identifies Yugoslav Post-Bombing Environmental 'Hot-Spots'.

UNWire - BALKANS: UN Finds Toxic Hot Spots, Downplays Overall Risk.

Reuters - U.N. identifies Yugoslav post-bombing "hot-spots".

ENS - Hot Spots in Balkans But No Eco-Catastrophe.

BBC - Sci/Tech - Danube pollution warning.

13 September

AP - Pollution a Result of NATO Bombings.

CE Review - Romania's not-so-blue Danube.

11 September

BBC Monitoring European-Economic - UN team chief: most pollution in Serbia predates conflict

10 September BTA - Bulgaria-Environment-Consequences.
7 September

ENS - KFOR Helicopters Dump Waste in Macedonian Lakes.

30 August

Reuters - U.N. team to warn Serbia if it finds eco-emergency.

29 August

WP - Letter From Belgrade. If It Comes From Sky, NATO's to Blame.

27 August

AP - NATO Destroys Bombs in Adriatic.

BBC - Sci/Tech -Depleted uranium study 'shows clear damage'.

ENS - Balkans Task Force Checks Danube for Eco-Damage.

24 August

Reuters - U.N. checks fallout of NATO bombs on Yugoslavia.

22 August

AP - Kosovo Battle Cost Yugoslavia $64B.

20 August

Xinhua News Agency - U.N. task force to assess nato bombing impact on Danube river.

19 August

AFP - Kosovo meeting of UN chiefs postponed.

16 August

Reuters - Yugoslavia faces ecological disaster, group warns.

13 August

BBC - Sci/Tech - UN probes Balkan depleted uranium.

BBC - World - No clear-up of Nato cluster bombs.

AFP - UNEP to probe radioactive pollution in Kosovo.

Xinhua News Agency - U.N. begins examining depleted uranium in yugoslavia.

12 August

Reuters - U.N. probes NATO use of depleted uranium in Kosovo.

Deutsche Presse Agentur - Belgrade issues book on "NATO crimes in Yugoslavia".

10 August

LA Times - Kosovo Wells Emerging as Mass Graves.

9 August

Earthvision - UN Team Concludes Investigation of Environmental Damage in Yugoslavia.

H. Courant - Depleted Uranium A Balkans Hazard.

8 August

In These Times - Collateral Damage.

7 August

International Herald Tribune - Mine Death Toll Rising in Kosovo.

6 August

Boston Globe - UN team finds contamination at sites of NATO bomb attacks.

GREENWIRE - Balkans: environmental team leader urges cleanup aid.

5 August United Press International - UN: 'Serious' Balkans ecology problems.
4 August Chemical Week - Serbia Deemed Safe.
2 August

Greenwire - Balkans: Expert says Uranium Ammo will cause cancer.

ENS - Kosovo's Medical Waste Taints Macedonian Capital.

Reuters - Serbia blames NATO bombing for unseasonal weather.

30 July

BBC - Sci/Tech - Depleted uranium 'threatens Balkan cancer epidemic'.

Guardian - Radiation slickness

29 July

HT - Pollution in Yugoslavia Not as Great as Feared.

WP - War Debris In Danube Chokes OffTrade Route.

ENS - Balkans Task Force Finds No Eco-Catastrophe.

28 July

Telegraph - UN denies bombing led to pollution catastrophe.

NY Times - Team Finds NATO Bombing Left Few Environment Woes.

Reuters - Belgrade - No big ecological catastrophe in Yugoslavia - U.N.

27 July

MSNBC - Yugoslavia has ecological ‘hot spots’.

AP - Pollution 'Hot Spots' ID'd in Serbia.

CNN - No big ecological catastrophe in Yugoslavia, says U.N.

Aftenposten - UN expert: No ecological disaster in Yugoslavia after NATO bombing.

Inter Press Service - U.N. worried about war's after effects.

23 July

ENS - Environmental Damage Assessed in Kosovo, Serbia.

MSNBC - Yugoslav town is focus of eco-concerns. U.N. team, local doctors worried about NATO damage.

BBC - Sci/Tech - UN team sifts Serb pollution.

CNN - Serbian town will be polluted for years following NATO strikes.

AP - NATO Missiles' Legacy in Serb Town.

22 July

Financial Times - BALKANS: Nato uranium "polluting Yugoslavia".

REUTERS - Belgrade - UN enviornment team starts field work in Serbia.

ITAR-TASS - Yugoslavia: high radiation registered in NATO-hit areas.

21 July

WP - A Ghost City of Mixed Poisons - NATO Bombs Left Site of Petrochemical Complex a Toxic Slough.

WP - Lights Back on in Kosovo.
20 July

CBC - UN begins investigation of environmental damage in Serbia.

AFP - Belgrade - UN environment team assesses sites damaged in NATO bombing.

MSNBC - Serbia calculates environmental toll. A team of U.N. experts charged with assessing the environmental impact of the Kosovo conflict began its field work in Yugoslavia Tuesday at the ruins of a fertilizer factory destroyed by NATO bombs.

REUTERS - Belgrade - A team of U.N. experts arrived in Belgrade yesterday to start assessing the impact of the Kosovo conflict on the environment.

ITAR-TASS - Second phase of Focus operation starts in Yugoslavia.

19 July AP - U.N. Checks Damage in Yugoslavia

CNN - U.N. experts to assess alleged pollution from NATO bombing.

BBC - World: Europe Green team investigates Nato campaign.

17 July

BBC - Sci/Tech UN to assess Balkans environment damage.

16 July

Chicago Tribune - Kosovo war's jetsam leaves Italy fishermen trawling for trouble.

14 July

NY Times - Serbian Town Bombed by NATO Fears Effects of Toxic Chemicals.

BBC - World Kosovo waterways bombing a 'war crime'.

REUTERS - Switzerland -UN experts to check environmental damage in Serbia.

13 July Lycos - Geneva -Balkans Task Force Begins Environmental Work in Kosovo.
8 July

REUTERS - Switzerland - UN environment team asks NATO about Kosovo targets.

6 July Seattle Times - Environmental devastation is legacy of war.

Monde Diplomatique - Les ravages d'une guerre.

30 June

REUTERS - Sofia - Bulgaria to ask Yugoslavia about Danube pollution.

IWPR - Hiding Under The Black Rain.
29 June BTA - BULGARIA -Timok contamination.

Radio Netherlands - Considerable Environmental Pollution in Yugoslavia.

28 June

BTA - BULGARIA -Timok dead fish.

15 June

ENN - Clean up Danube River now, group urges.

10 June

GRIP Data - Kosovo : une catastrophe écologique et humanitaire.

9 June

REUTERS - Amsterdam - Yugoslavia said that NATO's bombing campaign had caused an environmental catastrophe not only in its territory but in a large part of Europe.

6 June

BBC - World - Depleted uranium: the lingering poison.

2 June

Earth Times - NATO air strikes likely to produce widespread eco-damage in Balkans.


Monde Diplomatique - Ces armes si peu conventionnelles.

27 May

REUTERS - Bucharest - NATO's two-month-old bombing campaign against Yugoslavia has caused acid rains in Romania and its authorities are concerned over the possible long-term impact of pollution on the Danube and the Black Sea.

26 May

ENN - NATO bombing threatens Bulgaria N-plant.

21 May

REUTERS - Sofia - Bulgaria's Atomic Energy Committee said yesterday the Kozloduy nuclear power plant has reduced risks related to the war raging in neighbouring Yugoslavia to the minimum.

20 May

REUTERS - Athens - Greenpeace said yesterday that NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia is not only causing widespread pollution throughout the Balkans but risks a major nuclear accident.

The Hartford Courant-Connecticut News - Coating On NATO Bombs Raises Health Issues.

BBC - World - Europe Nato's nuclear no-fly zone.

19 May

ENS - NATO Bombing Has Not Polluted the Danube.

Reuters - Athens - NATO Bombing Hurts Balkan Environment Greenpeace.

18 May

BBC - Sci/Tech UN environment team in Serbia.

17 May

REUTERS -The Hague - The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) called on NATO to promise not to use landmines in the Kosovo conflict.

16 May

BBC - World: Europe Nato dumps bombs in Adriatic.

12 May

ENN - U.N. panel to monitor Balkans environment.

11 May

ENS - UN Task Force to Monitor Environmental Impact of Balkans War.

10 May

ENS - European Environment Ministers Alarmed at NATO Bombing.

REUTERS - Bruxelles - NATO's bombing campaign in Yugoslavia threatens to create an environmental crisis in the region, the World Wide Fund for Nature said late last week.

9 May

San Jose Mercury News - Pollution alleged amid airstrikes.

7 May

BBC - World - Europe Pollution threat to Danube reported.

BBC - Sci/Tech - Pentagon confirms depleted uranium use.

6 May

REUTERS - Athens - NATO air raids against Yugoslavia have launched a Greek-French battle over asparagus, with Athens accusing French producers on Wednesday of waging an unfair trade war against that grown in Greece.

29 April Newsweek - Toxic Bombs?
27 April

REUTERS - Belgrade - Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic has urged U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to prevent further ecological damage from NATO air attacks, the Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug said.

23 April

ENN - Goldman winner has advice for Balkans.

21 April ENN - Environment a casualty of NATO bombing.
19 April NY Times - CRISIS IN THE BALKANS: NUCLEAR SPECTER; Experts Fear War Accident Could Spread Lab Uranium.

REUTERS - Belgrade - NATO pounded Yugoslavia's industrial and transport infrastructure on the 25th night of its bombing campaign, with smoke from burning chemical plants threatening to engulf Belgrade, Serb media said.

REUTERS - Belgrade - Serb officials said yesterday NATO attacks on chemical plants and refineries around Belgrade could cause an ecological disaster and took steps to evacuate residents living nearby.

18 April

BBC-World - Serbian toxic fumes fear.

8 April

REUTERS - Bonn - Around 20 demonstrators occupied the headquarters of Germany's Greens yesterday, accusing the party of betraying its pacifist principles by supporting NATO air strikes to end the Kosovo conflict.

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