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The Black Sea is one of the marine areas of the world, most damaged by human activities. The Black Sea can only be saved if the six coastal countries, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, cooperate fully on key policy issues. In some cases wider cooperation throughout the seventeen Black Sea basin countries is required. Prior to the establishment of GEF Black Sea Environmental Programme in 1993, there was a lack of objective information on the causes of its environmental crisis and the options available to policy makers for its protection and restoration. The GEF BSEP enabled an unprecedented exercise in multidisciplinary information gathering and processing in order to provide the technical basis for a twenty year Black Sea Strategic Action Plan. This unique study, termed the Black Sea Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis, involved over two hundred specialists from some forty institutions in the six coastal countries, together with colleagues from sixteen countries worldwide. It has proven to be a key element in reforming policy and setting an investment strategy. It has also provided the basis of an analytical methodology currently being applied in GEF International Waters Programmes throughout the world and is thus being made available to a wider readership.