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This document was compiled as the result of studies conducted by the GEF Black Sea Environmental Programme from July 1993 to June 1996. Over 100 specialists have been involved in gathering the information necessary for its preparation. The work of the specialists was coordinated through a series of Working Parties based upon “Activity Centres” which are National institutions which already have the basic infrastructure and personnel to coordinate specific tasks in the region. Each Black Sea Government agreed to host one of these Centres. The Working Parties themselves include at least one expert from each of the Black Sea countries, together with additional expertise where appropriate.

The Activity Centres and their Working Parties are as follows:

  1. Emergency Response (Varna, Bulgaria);
  2. Routine Pollution Monitoring (i.e. Assessment of land-based sources, bathing water quality, etc.) (Istanbul, Turkey);
  3. Special Monitoring Programmes, Biological and Human Health Effects, and Environmental Quality Standards (Odessa, Ukraine);
  4. Protection of Biodiversity (Batumi, Georgia);
  5. Development of Common Methodologies for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Novorossiysk, Russian Federation);
  6. Fisheries (Constantza, Romania).

In addition there are three Working Parties based upon the Programme Coordination Unit in Istanbul:

  1. Data Management and GIS;
  2. Advisory Panel on the Harmonization of Environmental Quality Criteria, Standards, Legislation and Enforcement;
  3. Environmental Economics Study Group.

The following specialists, acting in their own capacity, were involved in the preparation of this text:


Pollution Assessment:

Pollution Control:


Integrated Coastal Zone Management:

Emergency response:

Environmental Economics:

Environmental Law:

Special acknowledgement is given to the contribution of Ms. Hanna von Vonderen and Mr. Ercan Citil, for organizing the documents and data for the assessment and to Ms. Meltem Ozturan, Bosphorus University and Ms. Zeynep Tugay, BSEP-PCU, for the formatting and production of the final document.

Overall concept, design and editing of the TDA was conducted by Dr. Laurence D.Mee, BSEP Coordinator.

The internet version of the TDA was prepared at the Database Laboratory, Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Sevastopol, Ukraine, by:

under overall supervising by Dr. Vladimir Mamaev (BSEP-PCU).

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