3.C.1 Coastal zone management, planning and public participation

The Level Two tables 2.C on human development require further in-depth analysis in two topics: inadequate planning and instruments for ensuring better public participation in environmental decision-making. The second of these tables is designed from the perspective of the legal issues and reforms necessary to foster fuller public participation.

In addition to this supplementary material, the attention of the reader is drawn to a series of BSEP reports which conduct a detailed analysis of the issues dealt with in the various tables. These are:

Coastal zone management

BSEP Regional Report on Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Black Sea Environmental Programme Activity Centre for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Krasnodar, Russia, 1996.
Final Report of the Phare/Tacis project on Integrated Coastal Zone Management/ Environmental Impact Assessment, CEC, Brussels, 1995.


“Aquaculture in the Black Sea Region” BSEP Technical Series No. 2, UN Publications, New York.

Sustainable tourism

Black Sea Sustainable Tourism Initiative, BSEP-PCU, Istanbul, April 1996, 332pp.

Public participation

Black Sea NGO Directory, Second Edition, Mare Nostrum/BSEP, Bucharest, 1996.

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