3.C.1.1.d Inadequate planning (inefficient contingecy plans)
Characteristics Responsible Sector/Authority Information Gaps Remedial Actions Required
Harmonization of
  • coastal sensitivity to hazards
  • oil-spills data
  • common classification of the kinds of oils
  • need of proper common equipment
  • need of adequate control systems
National authorities and their local offices

Regional governors

Database for
  • transport streams of crude-oil
  • dangerous and harmful substances
  • risk estimates
Preparation of
  • Regional Contingency Plans
  • National Contingency Plans

in compliance with the international norms and standards - 1996

See also

2.C.1 Improving planning in coastal areas, including urban and industrial zones
3.C.1 Coastal zone management, planning and public participation
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3.C.1.1.b Inadequate planning (insufficient intersectoral coordination)
3.C.1.1.c Inadequate planning (coastal erosion and inappropriate erosion control)