3.C.1.1.c Inadequate planning (coastal erosion and inappropriate erosion control)
Characteristics Responsible Sector/Authority Remedial Actions Required Operational Targets
Lack of efficient monitoring systems

Conflict of authority and responsibilities

Very active erosion problems and serious for some countries

Sectoral state agencies and local authorities plus regional councils Harmonization of BS legislation with the international one: e.g. compliance with IMO requirements and regulations

Introduction of new equipment and technologies in the process

Improvement of contingency plans for coastal erosion and land slides

Establishment of a proper legislative basis - 2000

See also

2.C.1 Improving planning in coastal areas, including urban and industrial zones
3.C.1 Coastal zone management, planning and public participation
3.C.1.1.a Inadequate planning (general issues)
3.C.1.1.b Inadequate planning (insufficient intersectoral coordination)
3.C.1.1.d Inadequate planning (inefficient contingecy plans)