3.C.1.1.b Inadequate planning (insufficient intersectoral coordination)
Characteristics Responsible Sector/Authority Remedial Actions Required Operational Targets
Difficult decision-making process without participation of all the stake-holders

Inefficient or degrading projects approved

Sectoral state agencies and local authorities plus regional councils Introduction of new intersectoral mechanisms: establishment of ICZM Auxiliary Commissions; approval of rules for their operation

Increase the role of the Governments local and regional authorities and of the stakeholders with economic interests in the BSCZ in ICZM process

Established legal and institutional ICZM Auxiliary Commissions - 1998

BS regional coordination among these commissions (1998-1999)

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2.C.1 Improving planning in coastal areas, including urban and industrial zones
3.C.1 Coastal zone management, planning and public participation
3.C.1.1.a Inadequate planning (general issues)
3.C.1.1.c Inadequate planning (coastal erosion and inappropriate erosion control)
3.C.1.1.d Inadequate planning (inefficient contingecy plans)