3.C.1.1.a Inadequate planning (general issues)
Sub-issue Characteristics Responsible Sector/Authority Information Gaps Remedial Actions Required Operational Targets
General Aspects of ICZM Lack of ICZM general strategy for the Black Sea Coastal Zone Ministries of Environment of the BS countries  
  • Development and approval of the Black Sea Action Plan - 1996
  • Development of ICZM regional and national strategies - 1997
  • Preparation of national ICZM laws
  • Development of land-use plans (LUP)
  • International coordination of the LUP laws, regulations and approaches
  • Introduction of program for international coordination in the field of land-use planning into the plan of the Krasnodar ICZM AC
  • Development of a coherent regional ICZM strategy and national ICZM strategies
Urban Development
  • level of urbanization
  • inadequate env. infrastructure (for all kinds of development)
  • urban transport
  • industrial zones
  • ports
  • Mostly middle towns under 1 m population
  • 27 m overall population in the CZ
  • Deficient WS&SS, WWTP and SWD
  • Air water and noise pollution, industrial pollution
  • Conflicts for municipal lands
Sectoral state agencies and local authorities
  • Uncertainty re. the trends for future population growth
  • Analyses of the env. impacts of industrial zones
  • Port management perspective plans
  • Improvement or new development of environmental infrastructure at the municipal level (sewage plant etc.)
  • Development of urban planning systems and laws in compliance with ICZM general objectives and international experience
  • Integration of Urban needs and requirements into proper national LUP and ICZM strategy
  • Securing adequate environmental infrastructure for all new development
  • International coordination of urban planning policies of the BS countries
  • Reduction of point sources of pollution
Industrial Development
  • Pollution-most important factor
  • Unemployment (4-17 %)
  • Negative impacts on other sectors-tourism, forestry, agriculture
  • Decline of industrial production
Sectoral state agencies and local authorities
  • Monitoring of intensive industrial development;
  • Analyses of the impacts on other sectors
New technology and restructuring process for the decrease of industrial pollution affecting the CZ: investment /demonstration projects in each of the BS countries
  • Integration of Industrial needs and requirements into proper national LUP and ICZM strategy
  • Reach sustainable industrial development based on ICZM general objectives - to year 1998
  • Plan future industrial development on the basis of the ICZM law and plan -year 2000
  • Develop LUP and zoning laws and regulations - year 2000
Recreational Development (see 2.C.2.2)
  • Air, water and noise pollution
  • Pressure on the natural environment
  • Iimpact on coastal erosion
  • Change in land-use
Sectoral state agencies and local authorities
  • Monitoring of tourism development
  • Enforcement of the construction regulations
  • Favoring the development of sustainable tourism practices within framework of ICZM strategies
  • Env. audit of existing tourism facilities
  • Integration of Tourism needs and requirements into proper national LUP and ICZM strategy
  • Development of a sustainable tourism industry in the BS coastal areas
Agricultural Development
  • Pollution of soils and waters
  • Loss of agr. lands for other uses
  • Inefficient planning of agr. Production
  • Lack of proper enforcement of env. and agr. laws
  • Problems with property rights
Sectoral state agencies and local authorities
  • Data for changes in use of agr. lands
  • Control of the production
  • Data on total pesticides and fertilizers used in agr. production and estimates of runoff
  • Protection of agr. lands against other destructive uses
  • introduction of modern environmentally sustainable technologies
  • Integration of Agricultural needs and requirements into proper national LUP and ICZM strategy
Land use
  • Lack of legal basis for LUP and zoning in all countries
  • Inefficient implementation and enforcement of existing laws
Sectoral state agencies and local authorities plus regional councils
  • Land-use norms, standards and approaches
  • Territorial dev. planning procedures in all the countries
  • Consultation process for review of national LUPs
  • Preparation of guidelines for land-use planning in the coastal zone as basis for future legislative efforts (norms and zoning classifications, etc.)
  • Recognizing the role of env. sensitive urban and land-sue plans as effective instrument of ICZM in the BS countries

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