3.B.2.1.a Loss or imminent loss of endangered species (bottom plant community)
Taxon Population size and geographic range Current legal status of protection Main threats Information gaps Proposed measures in situ  / ex situ Implementing authority Operational targets: Medium term (by the year 2005) Costs
Red algae
Phyllophora community (in which Phyllophora itself is the keystone species, providing food and shelter to about 60 animal species many of which are endemic or Ponto-Caspian relicts)
3% of reference level on Ukrainian shelf None Eutrophication caused by inflow of untreated sewage and otherwise polluted rivers

Increased turbidity, inter alia due to use of various type of bottom gear

No quantitative data on standing crop in 1990s

Insufficient information on culturing techniques

On the short term (2 years):
  • Create a marine protected area as defined on the attached map, East of 33 010E
  • Prohibit use of all bottom gear on shelf area, in particular those zones from which water currents would import silt to the reserve
  • Regulate harvesting elsewhere beginning with a 5 years moratorium on the shelf zone as defined on the attached map
  • Monitor sensitive areas to assess state and extent of seaweed beds Medium term (by the year 2005)
  • Reduce nutrient inputs (see 3.B.1)
  • Captive cultivation as a precautionary measure to preserve part of the gene pool
Ministry of EP

Ministry of Fisheries of Ukraine

Coastal Guard

Maintain or restore viable populations of about 60 species including fish

Create sustainable use of the presently declining economic resource (agar production)

Improve ecological conditions of the central NWS

Monitoring - $100,000 per year

Enforcement of protection measures, use of boats, running costs and salaries of rangers - $100,000

Development of ex situ culturing techniques - $50,000

Brown algae
Cystoseira barbata community (in which Cystoseira itself is the keystone species)
Less than 1% of reference level on Romanian and Ukrainian shelf None Eutrophication from point and non point sources and pollution None Reduce eutrophication and pollution by improving quality of riverin input and improve agricultural practices Ministry of EP and Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine and Romania Save about 40 species

Save source of sodium alginate production


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