3.B.1.2 Opportunistic settlers
Issue Environmental/social impacts Other problems Implementing authority Operational targets
Short term
Operational targets
Long term
Opportunistic settlers Introduced opportunistic settlers e.g. ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi has shown outbreaks and have caused negative effects on fish population and environment

Some species, which have adapted to the Black Sea environment and replaced indigenous species, are now harvested as living marine resources

Risk of exportation of opportunistic settlers from the Black Sea into other seas

Further introduction of other opportunistic settlers into the Black Sea in the future

Ministries of Environment

Ministries of Fisheries

Ministries of Transport

Monitoring of opportunistic settlers in the Black Sea ecosystem

In situ/ex situ investigations on potential opportunistic settlers predators

Development of effective control of ships ballast waters and fouling organisms

Manage fisheries so as to enhance populations of indigenous fish competing with or preying on opportunistic settlers

International cooperation to control of unwanted exotic species in ballast water discharges (need IMO to take measures to prevent ballast discharges)

Research network for monitoring of exotic species outbreaks

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