3.B.1.1.c Summary table by ecological category of resource (anadromous fish)
Resource category State of stocks Ecological/environmental controls Fisheries management measures Operational targets
Sturgeons Some species such as giant sturgeon are endangered: Others are depleted, and maintained by hatchery operations where spawning rivers are now unusable Environmental conditions in home rivers, access to spawning grounds, and feeding conditions (benthos) in Black Sea, have all deteriorated

Concern expressed at too high reliance on hatchery operations (and possible genetic modification through mixing with wild stocks) in areas where natural spawning grounds still exist (Danube, Georgian and Turkish rivers)

All fisheries for sturgeons to be placed under strict international control, after negotiation of fishing allocations in context provided by International customary law

Adopt strict national measures to reduce poaching

A special international scientific meeting to evaluate sturgeon fisheries and hatchery production in the Black Sea is required

A survey of natural production areas for the key species of sturgeons should be carried out on a Black Sea wide -basis

( by 2000, carry out surveys of 2 major spawning rivers of sturgeon and sea trout in Turkey and Georgia: $80,000 international funds. Prior agreement of host country that implementation will be funded nationally within 2000

Aim to double spawning potential from natural recruitment by 2005

For natural stocks, restoration of water quality in home rivers, and protection of spawning areas/runs is a priority A special fishing agreement is needed between countries of Western Black Sea on allocations, in light of international customary law

Stock rebuilding should be encouraged

Plans for stock rehabilitation should be agreed upon by 1998 (see above)

Sturgeon spawning and feeding habitat requirements should be integrated into water quality requirements for the Danube and other rivers. (Spawning surveys of the Danube should be carried out under the Danube GEF programme)

Shad Recovering? Need to restore water quality in Danube Ditto Aim to double natural spawning stock by 2005
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