3.A.2.2 Insufficient information flow and data exchange
Type of information Current status Availability Proposed actions Implementing body
Meta data Black Sea Information System Through Internet and on disquiets Yearly updating PCU-Commission Secretariat
Environmental data Different data sets located in the institute of their origination, Few comprehensive data sets prepared during international programme (ComsBlack, Nato-TU, GEF Black Sea Environmental Programme. No regional data centres, No sectorial data centres Limited under special agreements

Black Sea Geographic Information System available soon

Development of the regional environmental Internet node comprising meta level information on environmental data (were to find), data sets of new data obtained from different international programmes, copies of historical data opened for public use, data sets obtained from main World data centers like WDC and GRID PCU-Commission Secretariat


Different international programmes

Ministries of Environment

Environmental information flow NGO’s information Network

Black Sea Environmental Programme Home page on Internet

Under development


Strong coordination with other information exchange activities

Monthly updated

NGO working group


access to Internet
Rather good e-mail accessibility

Very poor on-line Internet connection

Available in all Black Sea countries

Limited geographical coverage

Strengthening of e-mail network

Improvement of Internet connection and Web Server services for principle data centers and Ministries of Environment for information and data exchange


Ministries of environment

See also

3.A.2.1 Pollution surveys in the Black Sea
3.A.2.3 State of recreational waters and beaches in the Black Sea coastal area
2.A.2 Monitoring the levels and effects of pollutants for compliance and for long-term trends, data exchange