3.A.1 Pollutant Loads
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3.A.1 Sources of pollution to the Black Sea
3.A.1.1 All pollutant loads (summary)
3.A.1.2 BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) Pollutant Loads
3.A.1.3 TSS (Total Suspended Solids) Pollutant Loads
3.A.1.4 TN (Total Nitrogen) Pollutant Loads
3.A.1.5 TP (Total Phosphorus) Pollutant Loads
3.A.1.6 TN, TP and TOC pollutant exchange through Bosphorus
3.A.1.7 Pollutant inputs into the Sea of Azov through rivers
3.A.1.8 Oil pollution of the Black Sea
3.A.1.8 Estimated inputs of oil to the Black Sea

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2.A.1 Assessment of the discharge of chemical and micro-biological contaminants to coastal and marine areas
3.A.2 Pollution Surveys
3.A.3 Hot Spots in the Black Sea Region