3.A.1.2 BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) Pollutant Loads
3.A.1.2 Summary 3.A.1.2.a 3.A.1.2.b
3.A.1.2.1.a Domestic sources 3.A.1.2.1.b
3.A.1.2.2.a Industrial sources 3.A.1.2.2.b
3.A.1.2.3.a Riverine sources 3.A.1.2.3.b
3.A.1.2.4.a International sources 3.A.1.2.4.b

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3.A.1 Sources of pollution to the Black Sea
3.A.1.1 All pollutant loads (summary)
3.A.1.3 TSS (Total Suspended Solids) Pollutant Loads
3.A.1.4 TN (Total Nitrogen) Pollutant Loads
3.A.1.5 TP (Total Phosphorus) Pollutant Loads