1.2 Main root causes


1 Poor legal framework at the regional and national level
  • Poorly defined environmental laws and regulations
  • Regionally incompatible laws and regulations
  • Ineffective EIAs/ Envir. audits
2 Inadequate implementation of available regulatory instruments
  • Inadequate compliance and trend monitoring
  • Lack of international coordination
  • Ineffective inspectorates
3 Inadequate planning at all levels
  • Poorly planned urban/ industrial/ recreational/agricultural development
  • Poor intersectoral coordination
4 Insufficient public involvement
  • Inappropriate erosion control
  • Inefficient contingency plans
  • Lack of general awareness of environmental issues
  • Deficient public participation Apparent lack of transparency
  • Poor identification of stakeholders/ rights of access
5 Inadequate financial mechanisms and support
  • Ineffective economic instruments
  • Unsustainable subsidies Low value assigned to environment within national economic policies
  • Poor perception of opportunities for development

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