Salvinia natans (L.) All., 1785

Salvinia natans imageSynonyms: None

Common names: Russ: Salviniya plavayuschaya; Ukr: Salviniya plavayucha



Taxonomic descriptions: Annual water plant 8-20 cm tall with both mega- and microspores. The stem is floating, filamentous and branched. The leaves are located in nodes in threes of which two of them are above the surface, and one - dissected submerged.

Salvinia natans arealIUCN Status:
    World level: NE
    Black Sea Regional level: LR
    Subregion level: LR (Ukraine)


Habitat type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: Surfaces of slow waters.

Biology: Reproduction by spores and vegetatively. Spore ripening during VIII-IX.

Population trends: Numerous.

Threats: Drying and pollution of water bodies.

Conservation measures taken: The species has been entered in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (1996) and protected in the Danube delta (Ukraine and Romania).

Conservation measures proposed: To create new protected zones.


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Compiled by: S.Dyatlov, T.Vasilieva