Parapholis incurva (Linnaeus) C.E.Hubbard, 1946

Parapholis incurva imageSynonyms: Lepidurus incurvus (L.) Janch. nom. invalid., Lepturus incurvus (L.) Druce, Pholiurus incurvus (L.) Schinz et Thell

Common names: Engl: Curved parapholis; Bulg: Izvit foliurus; Russ: Parafolis sognuty; Ukr: Parafolis zignuty



Taxonomic descriptions: It is an annual grass up to 5-25 cm in height, with curved brittle spike; the spikelets are solitary, one-flowered, with two glumes as long as the lemma; the lemma has no awn.

Parapholis incurva arealIUCN Status:
††† World level: NE
††† Black Sea Regional level: EN
††† Subregion level: CR in Ukraine


Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: Coastal slopes, sands and shingles. Critical habitats: the Crimea (Alupka, Yalta region, Salgir river), Georgia (Adzharia), Turkey, Bulgaria (Tolbukhin and Burgas districts). Limiting factors: the low level of competitive ability.

Biology: Bloom - from May to June; fruitage - from June to July. Root system - short fibrous. Only seed propagation. Psammophyte, xeromesophyte, glyco-halophyte.

Population trends: Declining in abundance.

Threats: Lack of non-modified sites along the coast that is due to the development of the coast into a human populated zone.

Conservation measures taken: The species is listed in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria.

Conservation measures proposed: The species needs to be monitored in the region; new reservations are desirable.


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Compiled by: A.Yena