Ornithogalum refractum Kit et Schlecht., 1814

Ornithogalum refractum imageSynonyms: None

Common names: Engl: Summer snowdrop; Russ: Ptitsemlechnik prelomleny; Turk: Tukruk oto; Ukr: Ryastka vidignuta



Taxonomic descriptions: Perenial bulbous herb 10-15 cm tall. The bulb is ovate, with numerous daughter bulbs. Its leaves are linear with a white strip in the middle. The floscules are thin, shielded, consisting of 5-10 flowers, leaflets of the perianth are white with wide green strip below.

Ornithogalum refractum arealIUCN Status:
    World level: NE
    Black Sea Regional level: LR
    Subregion level: LR (Ukraine)


Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: Western Black Sea coasts, Zmeiniy Island.

Biology: Flowering during IV-V. Fruit-bearing - V-VI. Reproducing by seeds and daughter bulbs.

Population trends: Populations are numerous.

Threats: Destruction of habitats.

Conservation measures taken: This species has been entered in the Red Data Books of Ukraine (1996).

Conservation measures proposed: To create protected zones.


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Compiled by: S.Dyatlov, T.Vasilieva