Lucioperca marina Cuvier, Valenciennes, 1828

Lucioperca marina image

Synonyms: Stizostedion marinum Cuvier, 1828

Common names: Engl: Sea perch; Russ: Sudak morskoy; Turk: Sudak; Ukr: Sudak mors'ky, Bugovets'



Taxonomic descriptions: One of 5 species of genus in the Black Sea. Wedge-shaped elongate head. The first dorsal fin 13-14 spiny rays, the second fin 2-4 spiny and 13-16 soft rays. Spines of anal fin 2-4 spiny and 9-11 soft rays are tight to the soft part of the body; cheeks are bare; have the fangs.

Lucioperca marina arealIUCN Status
    World level: EN
    Black Sea Regional level: EN
    Subregion level: EN

Distribution: Dniepro-Bugskiy liman in the north-western Black Sea, lower reaches of rivers of Dniester, South Bug, Dniepr (Ukraine), Kamchia and Rezovska rivers (Bulgaria), Caspian Sea.

Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: Cannot stand both salting and freshening. It is critical habitat is the spawning surface. The main limiting factors are the reduction of habitat and spawning areas, and the decline in food (Gobiidae) stocks.

Biology: Brackish pelagic carnivore fish feeding mainly on Atherina and Gobiidae. Does not tolerate significant salinity and freshening of waters. Spawning occurs from mid April to May in the estuarine parts of the sea, lower reaches of rivers, limans.

Population trends: At the end of the XIX century it was a mass species.Significant catch reduction since the 1950s.

Threats: Degradation of habitats and spawning areas as a result of changes in the hydrological regime and the hydrochemical composition of runoff and pollution, hydrotechnical construction and over fishing.

Conservation measures taken: Included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine, 1994, Bulgaria and the Black Sea. The biotechnics of cultivation in Krasnovodsk (Turkmenistan) has been prepared.

Conservation measures proposed: Reduction in Black sea coastal zone pollution, especially in the Dnieper-Bug estuary as a main breeding and feeding area. Artificial reproduction of this species.


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Compiled by: B.Alexandrov, S.Khutornoy