Eremogone cephalotes (Bieb., Fenzl.)

Eremogone cephalotes imageSynonyms: Arenaria cephalotes Bieb.

Common names: Russ: Eremogona golovchataya; Ukr: Eremogona golovchata.

Order (Scientific): CARYOPHYLLALES.

Family (Scientific): CARYOPHYLLACEAE.

Taxonomic descriptions: Perrenial herb with straight glabrous stem 20-50 cm in height with shorter fruitless shoots at the base. Leaves are 4-12 cm in length. Petioleless white sessile flowers are associated in a thick semiglobed floscule. The fruit is an oval pod.

Eremogone cephalotes arealIUCN Status:
    World level: NE
    Black Sea Regional level: VU
    Subregion level: VU (Ukraine)


Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: Seaside sands, steppe hillsides and rocky places.

Biology: Flowering during VI-VII, fruit-bearing - VII-VIII. Reproducing by seeds and vegetatively.

Population trends: Not numerous.

Threats: Destruction of habitats, output of sand, recreational loading.

Conservation measures taken: The species has been entered in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (1996).

Conservation measures proposed: To organize protected territories in places where it occurs.


  1. Red Data Book of Ukraine. Vegetable Kingdom. - Kyiv, 1996. - 606 p.

Compiled by: S.Dyatlov, T.Vasilieva