Chrysopogon gryllus Linnaeus, Trin., 1820

Chrysopogon gryllus imageSynonyms: None

Common names: Engl: Scented grass; Russ: Zolotoborodnik tsikadovy; Ukr: Zolotoborodnyk tsykadovy



Taxonomic descriptions: Perrenial herb 50-150 cm height. Spikelets are associated in threes, the fertile one is unisexual. Two others are staminal or not completely developed. At the base of each group of spikelets there is a bunch of straight golden hairs. Groups of uniflorous spikelets are associated in elegant panicle with whorly grouped branches. The fruit is corn seed.

IUCN Status:
    World level: NE
    Black Sea Regional level: CR
    Subregion level: CR (Ukraine)

Chrysopogon gryllus arealDistribution:

Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: On seaside sands, spit sands, salinic lands, forest edges. In Ukraine it can be found on the Isle of Dzharylgatch, on the sea coasts near the Reserve “Dunayskiye Plavni”.

Biology: Flowering during V-VIII. Fruit-bearing - VIII-IX. Reproducing by seeds.

Population trends: The local populations are not numerous.

Threats: Destruction of habitats, output of sand, creation of artificial forests with Pinus sylvestris, recreational loading.

Conservation measures taken: The species has been entered in the Red Data Book of Ukraine. It is protected in the Chernomorskiy Biosphere Reserve and the Reserve of Dzharylgatch of State importance (Ukraine).

Conservation measures proposed: To create protected zones wherever it occurs.


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Compiled by: S.Dyatlov, T.Vasilieva