Biancolina cuniculus (Stebbing, 1874)

Biancolina cuniculus imageSynonyms: Amphithoe cuniculus Stebbing, 1874; Biancolina algicola Della Valle, 1893.

Common names: None.

Order (Scientific): AMPHIPODA.

Family (Scientific): AMPHITHOIDAE.

Taxonomic descriptions: Large head with lobes edges distanced, here being articulated the two pairs of the antennae. Antenna I much longer than antenna II, in the male reaching more than half of the body length. The two pairs of female’s gnatopods are similar, male gnatopods II is much stronger than gnatopods I. The male gnatopod II has a large propodus with a deep excavated palm edge. Outer ramus of uropod III armed on the edge, with two upward pointing thin hooklets.

Biancolina cuniculus arealIUCN Status:
    World level:
    Black Sea Regional level:
    Subregion level: EN


Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: Macrophyte fields, especially Cystoseira belts. Disappearance of Cystoseira belts, pollution, eutrophication.

Biology: Phytofile species, detritivorous and herbivorous.

Population trends: In 1961 - 30 ind/m2 on rocky substratum with macrophytes; in 1970-1974 - 57-88 ind/kg of wet macrophyte substratum. Research undertaken on the rocky and macrophyte fauna from the Romanian Black Sea littoral did not identify this species after 1980.

Threats: Disappearance of perennial macrophytes biotop, especially Cystoseira, pollution, eutrophication.

Conservation measures taken: None.

Conservation measures proposed: General necessary measures for the reduction of eutrophication and pollution.


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Compiled by: V.Tiganus.