Astrodaucus littoralis Drude, 1898

Astrodaucus littoralis imageSynonyms: Daucus bessarabicus DC.; Caucalis littoralis Bieb

Common names: Russ: Morkovnitsa pribrezhnaya; Ukr: Morkovnitsya pryberezhna



Taxonomic descriptions: It is a monocarp biennial plant 30-80 cm in height with parted leaves, their last parts are linear, have rare hairs at the leaf margin. The umbels are 4-8 cm in diameter with 8-18 bare rays. Petals are white, slightly pink, hollowed on a top. The foetus is 3-7 mm lengthwise and 0.3 mm wide (without spout), with thick pyramidal thorns lengthwise which are about the width of the foetus.

Astrodaucus littoralis arealIUCN Status:
    World level: DD
    Black Sea Regional level: VU
    Subregion level: VU in Ukraine


Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: Littoral strip of the sea coast, coastal sands and places near rocks. Critical habitats: Evpatoria, Mysovoye (Kazantip Cape), Sudak, Maly Mayak and Karabakh (southern coast of the Crimea). Limiting factors: small size of population, elimination during storms and other unfavourable natural situations, phytophagans feeding.

Biology: Flowering and fruit-bearing - in June-August. Reproduction - by seeds.

Population trends: The population is not numerous, it has a tendency to decline.

Threats: Habitat destruction because of the creation of artificial beaches and building in coastal zone, recreation load, collection for eating.

Conservation measures taken: The species has been entered in the Red Data Books of Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Conservation measures proposed: Complete inventory of locations, population monitoring, and organization of natural reservations. Can be cultivated for eating.


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Compiled by: L.Vakhrusheva