Apseudopsis ostroumovi Bacescu et Carausu, 1947

Apseudopsis ostroumovi imageSynonyms: Apseudes coecus Ostr.1803; Apseudes latreillei var. coecus Sowinsky 1895, Guryanowa 1936, Bacescu, 1940

Common names: Georg: Tskhlis viruka



Taxonomic descriptions: Body flattened; the frontal side of carapace toothed. Absent eyes. The 3-th thoracic segment fusion with the head capsule. Antenna II with 2 flagella. Chellipeds thin, flattened in female, more thick in male. The first pair of pereiopods with 6-8 spines; the 2-nd and the other pairs of pereiopods are walking legs. Ectopod of uropod with 3 articles.Endopod of uropod with 33-36 articles (female) upto 45 articles (male). Size: length: female - 7 mm; male - 6.7 mm.

Apseudopsis ostroumovi arealIUCN Status:
    World level:
    Black Sea Regional level:
    Subregion level: LR


Habitats type, Critical habitats, Limiting factors: In circalittoral zone with silty bottom at 35-100 m depths. Frequently in Modiolus biocoenosis. Pollution, eutrophication.

Biology: Iliophilic species. Reproduction in the warm season of the year; female spawn 85 eggs. Benthic organisms without planktonic larvae stages.

Population trends: It has been a characteristic species of the Modiolus phaseolinus biocoenosis, with hundreds of specimens. In recent years has been found in the Southern Romanian Black Sea littoral (Mangalia zone) in considerable quantities (1993 - 795 ind/m2, 1994 - 584 ind/m2, 1995 - 1133 ind/m2 and 1996 -1438 ind/m2) at 60 m depth.

Threats: Hypoxia by eutrophication.

Conservation measures taken:

Conservation measures proposed: Reduce eutrophication.


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Compiled by: C.Dumitrache