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The Search Engine is a powerful and convenient tool for searching for species by their scientific taxonomy (Group, Order, Family), image type, IUCN status, country. It is possible to construct complex queries and obtain results instantly.
Two variants of this tool are available. Search Engine A works properly in all HTML browsers. Search Engine B has extended functionality for taxonomic selection, but works slower and requires Netscape Navigator 3.0, Internet Explorer 4.0, or newer. The Search Engine button loads the best variant for your browser.

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Netscape Navigator 3.0
Internet Explorer 4.0

Search for documents containing specific words or combinations of words. Results refer to documents at the main BSEIN server (, Sevastopol, Ukraine).

Lists of species common names for English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and Ukranian languages.

Scientific synonyms for all species included in the Black Sea Red Data Book.