Indices to navigate in the Red Data Book are placed on the left.

The main index contains a list of groups of species included in the Red Data Book. These thirteen groups have Latin names, only two of them may be not clear for non-advanced users: Pisces = Fishes, Aves = Birds. The number of species in a group is displayed in brackets. The main index is always accessible by the Index button placed above. A similar structure has the common names index accessible in the search tools page.

Usually, the displayed index contains a list of species. In this case, the right button above may have the following captions: First (displays in the right frame a description of the first species in the list), Next (displays the next one), or Refresh (reloads the current index, it occurs when the last species is displayed).

The species names in the index are supplied with color bullets indicating the type of image:
- none - black/white - color - photo
Clicking on a species name loads its description into the right frame.

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